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Rebuilding and reviving an abandoned village using the blockchain


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Albert Castellana
Corporate Investor Entrepreneur Developer
Diana Moret
Entrepreneur Designer
Entrepreneur Designer
Entrepreneur Designer

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What we want to do? Rebuilding and revitalization of a real abandoned village (phase 1), articulating a network of other villages (abandoned or not) based on tokens exchanged for housing (Phase 2) and creating a decentralized decision making system (phase 3). More info about the real village here The issue to be addressed The Welfare State is agonizing. Public administrations and communities of inhabitants in towns and cities need funds to finance (and decide on) infrastructure upgrading, community revitalization, basic services such as quality education, renewal energies, support for entrepreneurs and business regeneration, personal development, etc. This reality becomes more palpable in small towns and rural areas that have remained or are becoming depopulated since they are no longer relevant to the political interests. The case of abandoned or rebuilding villages would be the extreme. No government wants to invest in something as basic as the rebuilding of housing and infrastructure in those ghost towns. Solution Starting by Solanell, we propose to offer to new and old inhabitants + local municipalities of small towns and villages the possibility of proposing, designing, seeking funds and implementing the projects they deem necessary for their own community. How Providing a DApp based on the Ethereum crowdsale smart contract by which inhabitants and municipalities will be able "upload" detailed proposals based on specific need so that anyone can participate in the financing of these initiatives. The application will also generate tokens for the badgers that they will be able to expend in use of spaces (housing) and services in the specific village (Phase 1). In phase 2 when the system is improved and applied to a growing network of populations (a rural coliving network of villages), the donors will also be able to exchange one village tokens for use of spaces and services in other villages of the network. In a third phase, tokens will also give voting rights to badgers in future decisions about the population where the token has been generated under a liquid democracy model. For whom Pandorahub and Ether-based crowdsale is firstly made for rural villages and communities but after few iteration in small communities, will also be replicated to cities, maybe sometime when the model is improved enough, to the whole the planet. To avoid concentration of decision-making power on the people who make the most contributions, default tokens will also be provided to the project initial promoter and its participants (in time or services). What makes this blockchain technology different?. The cause, a real village where the first phase based on funding will be applied. An alternative to the Welfare State, VAT, Taxes, system etc. via direct payment to concrete projects also in cities (public education, quality school, personal development, innovation, culture, etc.). The end of the state Local councils can create local currency using this system, promoting local value generation and empowering local communities and economies, increasing the overall life quality. About Pandorahub We are aimed at building bridges between entrepreneurial communities living in cities and entrepreneurs living in villages by empowering mobility and value exchange flows between cities and villages. Redistributing people, knowledge, innovation and resources through the territory so that both cities and villages can easily find a “human break-event” (where real opportunities in a territory are met with its inhabitants capabilities). We want to initially use blockchain technologies for tracking village traits and opportunities and connecting them relevant, disruptive and young organizations living in cities. Dumbness, routines, massification and cost of living in cities makes it hard for young and disruptive businesses to be sustainable. While there are plenty of villages suffering from population aging that are willing to attract youngsters (more the 7.000 in Spain). These are villages where there are -nearly empty and mostly free- coworking spaces counting with fiber optics, proper wifi connectivity or alternative wifi solutions such as guifinet, where there are affordable, well equiped, authentic and infra-used village houses, where there is the opportunity to connect with other disruptive entrepreneurs that have already made the move out from their cities, where there is the opportunity to reconnect with nature and its benefits for productivity and inspiration without giving up to the comforts of the current era. We are looking for: A UX/UI designer able to wireframe 3 basic user flows (total of 5-6 screens) Support from an Ethereum devoloper with previous experience on DApp based crowdsale platforms Somebody with business background on designing DAO and/or blockchain based business models feeling the rural call who would like to explore the application of blockchain to a community based project with NGO ADN who beyond the mere profit-orientation-craving-to-become-the-next-startup-unicorn Interested please directly write to