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Dev Shankar Paul

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About this event

We are hosting a one-of-a-kind design hack, Palette- 'Where your palette of ideas can meet the colour palette'. This a platform for designers to show their talent to the world and to get their creative neurons to start firing.

The participants are greeted onto a dashboard where they have the liberty to generate their own design statements.

It consists of 3 elements. i) Device for which you should design ii) The service/product you should design iii) The audience you are targeting

Each element is random and can be locked according to the participant. However he/she will only be getting 3 tries at the most to generate their design statement.

For example, Platform: Android App, iOS app, TV OS, watch OS, Website

Product: Dating, Food, Streaming Service, etc

Audience: Kids, Elderly, College Students, etc


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