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VR simulation of work environment for women



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Nicola Scarf
Nathalie Gouailhardou

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The Problem Issues that concern women in the workforce are often dismissed because their male colleagues “just don’t see the problem”; this product addresses the cultural challenge of creating a space where participants are able to objectively identify behaviours that reinforce gender inequality. The simulation challenges people to step outside their personal experience and engage with how their behaviours affect women and minority groups in ways that are unintentional and harmful. Seeing the behaviours projected on a third party removes the blame aspect and enables the message to be internalised. The goal is to create a more equitable and supportive environment for women in the workforce. Our Solution SocialQ is an interactive virtual simulation that places the user in the shoes of a woman trying to participate in a business meeting. It is designed to demonstrate the challenges faced in male dominated situations and the extra effort women have to go through to be heard as equals. It highlights the casual sexism and microaggressions that are common in the tech industry with the aim of making participants more aware and empathetic of the way they interact with people who are different from them. The viewer has to make their opinion heard in the most effective way possible and is subject to the negative behavioural responses of poor communication. Interrupting and waiting too long to speak incur a loss of points which manifests in a change of behaviour; the group turning away, speaking more quietly, being ignored or dismissed. Interjecting at the right time improves your standing with the group but requires precise timing. Target Market The initial target market of SocialQ is HR departments of large tech companies as part of anti-discrimination training materials for employees. Preliminary inquiry into these market suggests that they would be receptive of our product and large companies who are able to distribute the product to their global offices can have a large social impact. There is a lot of scope to expand the basic product to include other more complex situations that require more participation from the viewer and to other markets such as education sector. Affecting a fundamental change in culture acts as risk management, reducing critical incidents of harassment.