Organization Connector

Connect your regional office apps services & databases without hosting on cloud.



Technologies Used

Amazon AWS

Project Team

Corporate Developer Entrepreneur
Hardik Doshi
Designer Developer
Bhavik varia

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Product Manager Investor


1. Host runs on aws instance-1(Binded with Elastic IP) 2. App Admin runs on local machine 3. Client App runs on aws instance-2(NOT Binded with Elastic IP) This is the secure & cost effective solution for MNC's who have offices in multiple region and having different services, applications and database running on each regions. Now what if Person from Mumbai Region office would like to access some service or database of Singapore Region. Which is general in today's environment as all your BA/BI tool would like to use your complete database to give you proper analysis so the solution is to upload all these database and other services of current region to web cloud which is would be very costly as cloud service is charged based on the Amount of space and running hour of service. So we came up with the cost effective and secure solution for the same, you don't need to move all your important and confidential data to cloud, you just need to install our Admin app in the office of which you would like to share some resources like Database or services. Then just fill the config details like service name and port on which it runs. Now on another regional office i.e the office which needs these service over there you need use out client app and just need to provide the name of the service. Now there will be a small host which will run on cloud or on your server which will get request from client app about the service which it would like to use, then it will find the admin app which shares these service and passes the request to it. Once admin app receives the request, it will solve the query and send output back to Host which in turn send it back to client app. Now this full communication is end-to-end tunnel communication based on TCP communication. Also all the messages being passed are encrypted at sender side and decrypted on receiver side so there is no need to worry about hacking. Also there is no need move your data on cloud so it saves your lots of costs. Plus you need to keep lots of security if you have your lots of confidential data on cloud. In our case, your data will remain in your regional office it self so you not need to worry about security as it is in your premises and you can assign whatever security you want. By this you can even access your data even though you are outside of the office. You can create a new service at any time and just add the details of it in config file of admin app and That's it. Now you can use it from anywhere in the world with our client app. Github