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About this event

Somewhere off the coast of South Korea is a ship with hostages. You will have to predict where the ship is located based on the analysis of incomplete data (AIS, satellite imagery). But be careful - the weather might throw off your predictions or block the view of the satellite!

You will be provided with:

  • An incomplete set of AIS data of the target ship

  • Location of APIs for environmental data information (wind, currents, cloud cover)

  • Location of APIs to request satellite imagery

  • Location of APIs to derive satellite orbital data.

(Check the Rules for a comprehensive set of links to the data and other resources provided for this challenge.)

You must:

  1. Use the AIS and environmental data to predict the ship route from the last known AIS position.

  2. Use the orbital data to predict when the satellite might have imaged the ship so you know how to query the satellite imagery API for likely candidates.

  3. Obtain likely imagery of the ship.

  4. Finally, you will have to use the likely imagery to perform visual identification and determine the last known location of the ship!. Extra credit if you can derive the approximate speed!

This challenge is sponsored by USSOCOM J24-Systems, and will be judged by John Hauenstein, Chief Systems Engineer, as well as Jared Lander (

All event and challenge coordination will take place on the #openwerx channel of the Suncoast Developer Guild Slack. Sign up here:

For general event information:


  • Home-1st
  • 1st Place: $5,000
  • Each challenge category will have a first place winner.

  • Home-2nd
  • 2nd Place: $3,000
  • Each challenge category will have a second place winner

  • Home-3rd
  • 3rd place: $1,000
  • Each challenge category will have a third place winner



  • Thursday
  • 5:00 PM Check In and Socialize (Dinner provided)

    6:00 PM Welcome, Challenges Explained, and Team Building

    7:00 PM Hack!

    10:00 PM Team Status Updates & Judging Criteria Explained

    11:00 PM Optional Lockin Begins, Doors closed until 7:00 AM

  • Friday
  • 7:00 AM Breakfast

    10:00 AM Team Status Updates & Pitch Workshop

    12:00 PM Lunch

    3:00 PM Begin Team Video Production

    5:00 PM Team Submissions due

    5-6:30 PM Dinner & Judging (Judges review videos, Teams on Standby for FAQ)

    6:30 PM Closing and Awards



"Rules are for people without principles" - M. Scott Here are the OpenWERX Principles: Open Source We recommend that all your work for this Hackathon be made publicly available under an Op...

"Rules are for people without principles" - M. Scott

Here are the OpenWERX Principles:

Open Source

We recommend that all your work for this Hackathon be made publicly available under an Open Source license. Make sure to submit your work to the repository of your choice, and include the URL in your video submission. If you use non-Open Source building blocks, frameworks, libraries, APIs, etc, you will face a points penalty during the judging phase.


We highly recommend you build a team with various skills. Remember that you will be judged by your approach and presentation, not just the work you actually accomplish.


We use the #openwerx channel on the Suncoast Developer Guild's Slack. Go here to sign up: This is where you can ask questions about the event and the challenges, and the judges will use Slack for team Q&A while they are reviewing your submissions.


You must make a 3-5 minute video demo your hack and upload it to YouTube. No slide-decks or Powerpoints will be allowed. During judging, at least one team member must monitor the #openwerx Slack channel to respond to any questions from the judges.

  1. AIS Data is available here:

  2. Weather (including wind and cloud cover) data is available here:

  3. Ocean current data is available here:

  4. Satellite orbital information is available here:

  5. APIs for satellite imagery are here: Please have your team leader contact cameron.s.hunt on Slack to get a key.

For general event information: