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Matthew Freitas
Kevin Most
Giuseppe Vaccaro

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With Oki, we're making gaming tournaments and related events easier for both organizers and attendees. How often have you gone to, say, a fighting game tournament and had to rely on an ill-updated website, paper schedules, or word of mouth? During large event things change, people get lost, minds are changed, and misinformation can be spread. We are trying to make this process much simpler and more streamlined so attendees get the best experience for all the hard work on the organizer's part to make it happen. Organizers list their event and activities within their events, all with the important information. From here, they can submit updates to an entire event ("wifi password is 123guest," "fighstick abandoned on stage 2," etc), an individual activity ("Skullgirls grandfinals will be 3/5," "Losers Bracket begins in 5 minutes," etc), or even individual attendees ("Will duckator please report to the stage!")! Attendees on the other hand subscribe to events and activities. This lets them build a calendar for events and an itinerary for each one, alongside a subscription to updates. Spectators can also find some usful information such as the bracket for the activity or the link to the stream on twitch.