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EJ Dougherty

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About this event

Are you a registered University student that knows his/her way around coding Android apps, has an idea for an awesome app, or you would like to learn how to develop an app with a team over a weekend?

Then come join us at the Villanova University College of Engineering Android Hackathon for 24 hours of hacking fun, food, giveaways and prizes.

Please bring your student ID, your own laptop with your favorite Android IDE installed and if possible an Android device (smartphone, tablet, wearable, glass, kitchen appliance, etc) to help test and demo your awesome app.

If you have a killer idea for an app you can pitch it at the beginning of the event to gain interest from the other participants to form the ultimate app team.

After the event hang around and network with the sponsors and judges.

See event registration details at


  • Home-3rd
  • Swag
  • Sweet event T-shirts and dual-use AT&T USB drives to registered participants.



  • Saturday
  • 12:30 PM - Check in, light snacks provided (CEER105)
    12:45 PM - Welcoming Remarks, "Hi there!" (CEER104)
    01:00 PM - Pitching & Team Formation (CEER104)
    01:30 PM - Why are you reading this, get Hacking ! (CEER104 & CEER105)
    02:00 PM - Establish Projects & Team Members on
    05:00 PM - Some type of edible substance should be ready for consumption (CEER105)
    08:15 PM - Insomnia Cookies Delivery (yum) (CEER105)
    11:30 PM - Closing up shop for the night. Get re-energized for the morning !
    .:: But don't let this stop you from hacking past the witching hour ::.

  • Sunday
  • 08:00 AM - (Yawn) Check in for any newbies, breakfast provided (CEER105)
    12:00 PM - Lunch time, hopefully not leftovers from last night (CEER105)
    01:00 PM - Finalize Projects & Team Members and Submit for Judging on
    01:30 PM - Pencils down, no more coding. Start of the app presentations. (CEER104)
    02:30 PM - Closing remarks & results ending with a thunderous round of applause for all ! (CEER104)
    02:45 PM - Network, chit-chat & eat whatever food is left over (CEER105)



1 - Participants. All participants must be full-time or part-time university students. Please bring your student ID to registration. 2 - Teams. For Day 1, no more than ...

1 - Participants.
All participants must be full-time or part-time university students. Please bring your student ID to registration.

2 - Teams.
For Day 1, no more than 5 carbon-based lifeforms to a team, however the number of Androids are limitless. Day 2 on the other hand is a whole different story... you can work in teams of any size. So wake up that lazy roommate of yours, bring in your MMORPG buddies or if you have a dark side, entice others to jump ship and join your project... whatever it takes!

3 - What to Craft?
There are no rules to what kind of app to craft – it is totally up to your creative minds. Well, there is one rule... as long as it is a native Android application that you can present and explain to the audience at the end of the Hackathon you should be good to go! Oh wait, students in ECE5480 can not use their class project. OK, so, I guess there are two rules, but that is it, I promise (typing this while crossing my fingers).

4 - Coding.
All coding must be done during the designated hacking times. Participants may work on ideas, wireframes and mockups prior to the start of the Hackathon however, no coding is to be performed beforehand. You are free to use any tools, frameworks, libraries, web services, APIs, potions or Jedi mind tricks to help you build a totally awesome Android app. You will be required to bring your own laptop with the ADT Bundle or Android Studio installed prior to the event. For those new to Android, no worries! You can jump in on a team and learn as you go or if you are completely new to programming you can work on a team that is using MIT's App Inventor.

5 - Ownership.
All participants have ownership of their own individual concepts and code developed by themselves at the Hackathon. It is up to you to do as you wish, whether it is banding together as a collective to take over the galaxy, freeing it into the open source wild, or take it home to hide it underneath your pillow and make it your "precious".

6 - Now play nice and have some fun!