Technologies Used

Big Data
Machine Learning
Facial Recognition

Project Team

Daniel Miskell
Entrepreneur Developer
Timothy Benger

This team is looking for

Product Manager Investor


For teachers, who want to optimise students learning, our software platform provides real time analytics which shows the teacher's performance data and feedback on their students learning. Problem Teachers have the problem that whilst teaching it’s difficult to know each students participation and how the class are responding on the whole, on the other side, students rarely reach out to let teachers know if they’re not engaged because its too difficult or for other reasons which could be solved. Solution We envision empowering teachers by giving them an interactive dashboard, a way to see each students engagement and how its changed over time. This will allow teachers to continuously improve by receiving important feedback on their teaching and gain insights into the progression of each student further than weekly homework's. To do this simply link a camera to our software, and our software will use facial recognition to read each students body language, eye movements and facial expressions. Market + market size Knowing the level of engagement is extremely valuable, were trying to capture that value. Edtech UK market is estimated to grow from £45bn to £129bn by 2020. and Schools spend 900m every a year on education technology. We believe we can be apart of that trend.