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Sainath Komakula
Ateetraj Kulshrestha

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Netra is a smart remote which will control all your IR Controlled devices. It has inbuilt IR blaster, IR receiver, temperature sensor, humidity sensor and RTC. IR receiver is added to add new IR devices. No need of multiple remotes you can control all of them using Netra and an app. It will automatically pre-cools to your scheduled temperature before you get home and turns the AC off when you leave. The app detects how far away you are from home and sets the temperature accordingly. Check your Room temperature and change AC setting or just switch it ON. It will let you Control the TV, Set Top Boxes, DVD Player and Home Theatre all from an app on your smartphone. That means you never have to look for your pesky remote ever again. You never have to fight for the remote ever again because every family member in the house can now have a remote right on their smartphones. You will never miss your favorite TV programs/movies as you schedule them. Schedule your devices on/off or change settings/channel. I used MediaTek LinkIt smart 7688 duo as central device to control all IR enabled devices in house. I successfully decoded protocols of TataSky Set Top Box & Toshiba TV in my home, IR protocol for Tata Sky Set Top box is RC6 while Toshiba uses NEC protocol. Then I can control both devices with channel forward, backward, increasing & decreasing volume. Due to unavailability of AC & Home Theater we did not demonstrated in video


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