1) Hacks can be done in a maximum team size of 4

2) Designs could be drawn up prior to event but all code must be written during the event

JUDGING: There will be one round of judging as described below:

Demo Round: In the Demo Round, a panel of judges will evaluate each Entry

immediately after its demonstration using a combination of judging criteria:

** Creativity **– Are you building something that no one has seen before? (0-5 points)

** Simplicity **– Can you explain the value proposition in 2 sentences or less? (0-5 points)

** Impact and viability**– How impactful and viable can this idea be within Nigeria and potentially abroad? (0-5 points);

** Design and user experience **– How easy is your web/mobile app to use? (0-5 points).

The points awarded for the four criteria above will be added together, resulting in a total score of 0 to 20 from each judge. The Qualification Round score for an Entry will be the average of all total scores awarded by the judges.

You own 100% of your project, code, IP and all other materials developed over the weekend.