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outfit suggestions based on weather, location and occasion



Technologies Used

Amazon AWS
amazon alexa

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Product Manager Investor


An Alexa app that recommends outfits for different weather conditions based on your location.Get outfit recommendations for immediate use, the next day or even the next week to plan your outfits in advance. Additionally the styling options also come with a retail feature that allows you to quickly shop an item you may want. Benefits: Saving users time to research and decide on appropriate clothes. Plan outfits in advance for the next day and for travel Always dress weather appropriately Get styling suggestions to be more adventurous and creative with your look Additional Features: This skill aims to deliver a personalized experience to users. The skill can extend to cater to different occasions as well as ethnic styling options. The styling suggestions also serve as inspiration to match their clothes in a stylish way. A skill that not only caters to different needs but to a diverse audience.