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Adam John Williams
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Join us in the 24 hour Hack Camp at Music Tech Fest Scandinavia!

Music Tech Fest is the free festival of music ideas, mixing performances and experiments, hacks, demos, and installations. Since 2012 Music Tech Fest has been redefining how music is perceived, performed and experienced. It is now time to build some new formats for music.

We are landing in Sweden - the biggest world exporter of music per capita - and gathering the best minds able to transform this new media landscape, for Music Tech Fest Scandinavia.

At the #MTFScandi Hack Camp, we’ll be providing components, musical instrument parts, soldering irons, and plenty of energy drinks and snacks to keep you going for the 24 hours. The hackathon starts on the Saturday afternoon of the festival, and all hacks are presented on the main stage on Sunday evening, filmed and live-streamed.

Through our #MusicBricks project, Hack Camp participants will have exclusive access to amazing new hardware, APIs, GUIs and TUIs developed by some of the world’s best music tech research centres. You’ll be judged by some great music minds, including Josh Saunders, Matt Black, Paul Sonkamble, Jason Singh and LJ Rich.

Thanks to #MusicBricks and the Music Tech Fund, top hacks will be further supported to grow beyond the life of the festival, with funding and support opportunities to help turn hacks into products and bring them to market.

Hacking starts at 12pm on Saturday the 30th of May and runs through the night until 12pm on Sunday the 31st, with hack presentations and prize-giving taking place on the main festival stage on Sunday evening.

Places at this event are strictly limited, so please register on Eventbrite early to avoid disappointment:


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