What is the Fresh Code Rule?
All code developed as part of the Money20/20 Hackathon must be FRESH–that’s how we keep these things fair. Before the start of the Money20/20 Hackathon, developers can create wireframes, designs and user flows. They can also come with hardware. But to keep things fair, all code must be written onsite at the Money20/20 Hackathon. Other than that, almost anything goes and you can use any coding languages or open-source libraries you’d like.

Who Owns the IP?
Participants will own the rights to their work. Sponsoring companies may have their own terms and conditions for proprietary technology or content.

Is there a Participation Agreement?
Yes, developers, designers and entrepreneurs are required to sign this agreement upon arrival at the Money20/20 Hackathon.

Pre-event Happy Hour
On Friday night before the event at 7pm, we’ll host an un-official get together so you can meet your fellow Money20/20 Hackers. Stay tuned for details.