Build a bitcoin experience, using Blockchain's API suite, on web or mobile platform that serves a specific and/or niche use case. For example, A savings wallet, a wallet version created for kids, or an interactive introduction to Bitcoin.
Challenge prize:The winning team will receive a total of 15 BTC to divide among the team members.

Use the API to build a bitcoin service or a bitcoin feature into a broader application.

Challenge prize: The winning team will receive a total of 15 BTC to divide among the team members.

Won by Future Of Contracts


Present the most creative and valuable use of the Nymi identity platform, wherein the integration of the Nymi identity platform provides material convenience or security value by having the User not have to sign in or demonstrate identity at the point of transaction, or where new types of personalization are introduced into experiences that are anonymous today. Preference will be given to teams who build working demos with a real Nymi Band, but Emulator-based demos will be accepted and considered as well.

Challenge prize: Top four teams will receive vouchers for free Nymi Band pre-orders for each team member.


Feedzai Create an app using Feedzai’s API to make creative use of other services and empower the community to protect merchants from payment fraud. Challenge prize: The winning team gets to decide and choose one of the following (up to 5 members per winning team):

Fame! A Booth Takeover at Money20/20
You've developed it, now take over a 10x10 booth at Money20/20 and tell it to the world including 6,500+ participants attending the show.
Showcase your winning idea at our booth for an entire day, complete with flatscreen, matching t-shirts and espresso machine
    1 Global Press Release with your names
    5 passes to Money20/20 show and conference
    5 one-bedroom suites at MGM Grand for 2 nights
    5 $75 vouchers to cover airlines ticket rebooking charges, if needed

The Ultimate Learning—and Biking—Machine
You’ve won the challenge, now rest your brain and get some machine-powered assistance for your legs.
    5 Copenhagen Wheels - Developer Edition w/ SDK (one complete Wheel/SDK for each winning team member):
        Transform your bicycle into a smart electric hybrid with the Copenhagen Wheel from Superpedestrian Inc. The Wheel contains a motor, batteries, multiple sensors, wireless connectivity, and an embedded control system. The Wheel learns how you pedal and integrates seamlessly with your motion, multiplying your pedal power 3x—10x. Learn more at:<a href=""></a>
        The Copenhagen Wheel SDK enables developers to get creative and develop a host of applications ranging from navigation to customizing the behavior of the wheel.
        Commercial availability of the Wheel begins in late 2014.

Intuit Developer

Build an application on top of the QuickBooks platform* that improves the lives of small business owners *Must use at least QBO Payments API

Challenge prize: Developer-in-Residence for a week @ Intuit in Mountain View, CA ( to include )

Hosting a small team (up to 5) for a week @ Intuit HQ (Mountain View, CA)
Participate in an Intuit Incubation Week (occurs monthly)
Lunch with select Intuit Senior Leaders
Featured in an Innovation Gallery Walk
Work with the Intuit Developer Group to publish your winning app & develop a Go–to-Market plan
Travel and accommodation included

Sponsored by Intuit  


Design the best consumer experience (using wearables, locations, context, motion) with MasterPass and/or Simplify Commerce in any shopping context (POS, Kiosks, vending machines, parking lots, cars, toll booths in short, the IoT).

Challenge prize: The challenge winning team gets:

A MasterCard Priceless Las Vegas Experience immediately following the Hackathon for up to 5 members to chill and recover, including:
    5 one-bedroom suites at MGM Grand
    5 Joel Robuchon dining experience on Sunday night
    5 spa appointments on Monday AM
    5 gift bags
    5 $75 vouchers to cover airlines ticket rebooking charges, if needed
Launch Assist--Turn your idea into reality by receiving 6 months of operational mentorship from the MasterCard Start Path team. Start off on the path to success with their support, as well as access to MasterCard APIs, and free processing via Simplify Commerce for the first $250,000 in transactions for 12 months.


Do APIs matter? At the end of the Money2020 Hackathon Mercury would like to emphatically say, ‘YES!’ A payment API can’t solve the world’s problems….or can it? Use one of Mercury’s API’s (Web Services, Hosted Checkout or Mobile wallet) and show everyone how a simple payments engine and a little creativity can change the world PRIZES! Changing the world is great but prizes and recognition are also pretty cool.

We have some awesome prizes apart from all the great cash prizes from Money2020:

A trip to Mercury headquarters in Durango, CO which will also include a side trip to ski country…..Telluride.
<br> One iPad® for each member of the winning team (maximum five members).

Modo Payments

Use Modo​'s handcrafted​ API to either​​:

Build a beautiful buying experience​ using Modo​.
Challenge prize: A beautiful meal for the team (and their +1s) at the Michelin starred restaurant of your choice (e.g., New York - WD50, Chicago - Moto, Dallas - FT33 (star coming soon!)).
Exemplify loyalty as currency​ using Modo + FIS ScoreCard​.
Challenge prize: 1 million loyalty points from FIS.
How can a retailer know more about the consumer, using their mobile device, so that the retailer can sell more.

Challenge prize: A travel and shopping spree with ADS brand partners.


Below are the sponsor challenges and any additional challenge prizes we have to date. We’re adding more as we get them. Check back often for updates. Please note that any individual or team may only participate in one challenge.


Create a hack that uses the PayPal, Braintree, or Venmo APIs and services in the most innovative way. Build in payments, or extend your application with the Kraken Node.js framework and more using our open source tools at
Challenge Prize: We’ll be providing Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5-Inch Tablets for each person on the winning team.