Modulator is a secure, direct phone-to-phone digital communication Moto Mod™ for your Moto Z device.

San Francisco


Technologies Used

Moto Mods
Moto mod mdk

Project Team

Kevin O'Brien
Entrepreneur Designer Developer

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Product Manager Investor


Direct Communication, No Fees The core concept behind our Moto Mod concept is to enable Moto Z devices with our Modulator Moto Mod™ communicate directly with each other without the need for any existing network infrastructure and with some actual usable range similar to current standalone digital portable radios. We are also building an ecosystem of sensors that can be accessed directly from a Moto Z device with our Moto Mod™. The target frequency bands are license free and present no cost to the user. The use cases for this type of direct device-to-device communication are numerous: Areas With No Cell Service The Great Outdoors: Camping, Skiing, Boating, etc. Developing Nations With Fewer Existing Networks Think Walkie-Talkies That Can Text And Send Media Files Privacy & Security Conscious Users Transmitted Data Does Not Pass Through Any Third Party Private Channels, Broadcast Capability, Multi-User Support Encryption Is Enabled By Default In Radio Protocol Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum IoT Devices Proven Industrial Use Technology Hardware Support For ZigBee / IEEE 802.15.4 Compatibility Monitor Remote Devices From Your Phone Direct Messaging Beacons For Public Spaces Enterprise Grade, Consumer Friendly The Enterprise and Consumer versions of the Modulator software share many features such as strong AES-256 encryption and randomized frequency hopping, essentially negating the risk of intercepted or replayed messages. The Modulator app supports multiple channels, with each channel protected by a password that is never shared over the network.


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