Web Challenge

Build a web app which provides an interface which allows you to list files and related information from different cloud drives like OneDrive, Dropbox etc. You can use the publically available apis to fetch any content that you might require. Please note that the documents being listed should be paginated, should have metadata information along with them, should be stored in a database, so that they can be searched (Searching Metadata only). You are free to use any frontend/backend stack that you are comfortable with and you can add more exciting features to your app to score more points.

Mobile Challenge

Design a photo sharing application on IOS or android. This application lets you take picture, upload existing pictures, lets u add comments, hastags and lets u share your photos with the public or just your self. Other users can like your photos, comment on them, mark them as spam or choose to reshare them. Users might also want to discover content by searching hashtags. You need to use a persistant DB to store user information and other application related info.

UX Challenge

Redesign the IRCTC web portal. Write the HTML/CSS/JS code for the complete flow of the website. Put in dummy buttons for navigation to other pages. The full flow from landing on the home page till the checkout after booking a ticket has to be designed. Extra points for simplicity. Visual appeal is important but secondary. Focus on the usability. DO NOT add unnecesary animations unless absolutely essential to the user's experience.

You are free to use any open source libraries and APIs.

FOCUS ON THE PROCESS AND NOT ON THE END PRODUCT. You will be questioned based on your process.

Contact Anand for any doubts and queries.