Mesa Cincy

Synchronized inter-diner waitlists



Technologies Used

Ionic Framework
mean stack

Project Team

John Stamates
Developer Entrepreneur
Zach Thacker

This team is looking for

Product Manager Investor


Diner Roulette is a growing trend in restaurant-dense neighborhoods. In order to reduce their wait, customers put their names on the waitlist for many restaurants at once and then wait for a call from the first available one. The remaining restaurants are often stuck trying to reach this person, who is no longer interested in their business, before seating others - costing them time and reducing the accuracy of their wait time estimates. Mesa is a product aiming to solve this problem. The central component is a waitlist management app used by the hosting team of each restaurant. This app allows the hosting team to add new reservations, notify customers of table availability, and mark customers as being seated to close the reservation and remove that customer from ALL connected wait lists at other restaurants. Removing seated customers will allow for increased wait time estimations and allow more flexibility in preferential seating for all of the restaurants using Mesa. Analysis of the data collected can be used to improve restaurant operations and customer marketing / retention programs. From the customer side, a mobile app allows them to search for restaurants in a given area and be presented with a list containing basic restaurant details, price range / rating indicators, and current estimated wait times. Customers can then check in remotely (if the restaurant allows), review the remaining wait time, and receive notifications from the restaurants.


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