MedView Glassware

Super human vision to protect your health!

Brooklyn, New York


Technologies Used

Windows Mobile
Windows 8
Windows Azure

Project Team

Lance Nanek

This team is looking for

Product Manager Investor


MedView uses computer vision to improve medicine! It allows nurses performing injections, taking blood, or inserting IVs to find and access veins easily in their patients. Some nurses have reported needing 10 minutes to help some patients. No more. Some patients have reported nurses missing the vein many times causing much pain. It's solved! On Google Glass you can look through the Glass and see a patients arm with a map overlaid. The map moves as you move your head, looking down the arm. On any Android device with a camera, including Glass and Kindle Fire, you can see a zoomed or color enhanced image. The color enhancement makes the difference between veins and skin very clear. The app also has procedure check lists to help make sure procedures get done right. Bring the safety of airplane startup checks to medicine! Additional features are PayPal checkout buttons for medical care hosted on Microsoft Azure. A Windows Phone 8 port is also capable of running the checklists and checkout process. This app was done partnering with an awesome designer from eLance who made my ugly clip art mocks beautiful! Mockup screenshots here: See the demo video for the final result! Also appearing is the ability to call the Mashape partner API SpringSense to get more clear meanings for words nurses might have to explain to patients.


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