Choose Between Two Challenges:

MediaTek LinkIt™ 7687 Challenge or the MediaTek LinkIt™ Smart 7688 and Duo Challenge

MediaTek LinkIt™ 7687 Challenge

Want to create advanced connected appliances, home automation devices, smart gadgets and other IoT innovations? The LinkIt Development Platform for RTOS and the LinkIt 7687 HDK is the perfect combo to create your app and then prototype your hardware.

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This platform is based on FreeRTOS, a de facto standard for embedded devices, and comes with a range of essential APIs for secure internet and Wi-Fi communication tasks. FreeRTOS is also supported by an Open Source community with a huge developer base.

The HDK board offers a range of essential features to ensure devices are market ready, so you can rapidly prototype connected IoT devices for the smart home. It’s built around SAC’s MediaTek MT7687F Wi-Fi SoC module, which is available to build into your production devices.

If you’re a developer working on embedded systems, know KEIL programming or have used IAR and GCC before, this is the challenge for you.

Here are some use cases to get you thinking but remember, don’t restrict yourself to just these ideas:

-Connected home appliances — such as washing machines, air conditioners and more. -Smart gadgets — such as light bulbs, smart plugs, Wi-Fi speakers, smart doorbells and anything that requires secure Wi--Fi capabilities.

MediaTek LinkIt™ Smart 7688 and Duo Challenge

Want to create a smart, connected home device that can be monitored and controlled from anywhere through a web-browser? With its capable processing power and generous memory this platform offers what you need to deliver cutting edge IoT features and functionality like advanced IP cameras, surveillance devices, smart appliances and robotic devices.

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The platform’s development boards — the LinkIt Smart 7688 and LinkIt Smart 7688 Duo — are built around MediaTek MT7688AN, a highly integrated Wi-Fi SoC for IoT devices. In addition to using OpenWrt Linux, the LinkIt Smart 7688 Duo also has board package support in the Arduino IDE.

If you know C/C++ or have experience of Python or Node.js programming, then you should take this challenge to develop smart home applications running on OpenWrt Linux or Arduino.

Here are some use cases to get you thinking but remember, don’t restrict yourself to just these ideas:

-Robotic rovers and drones -Smart weather station and air quality monitoring devices -Smart surveillance cameras