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Event checklist


About this event

Hardware is the new game changer!

The digitalisation and the internet is changing media businesses from the ground. On the way traditional business models ceased to exist and new ways of media consumption have been invented. Now it is time for the next step and free media from the static screen. With the development in new hardware technologies the usage and control of media consumption will change again.

What hardware will we use to enjoy media in the world of tomorrow?

Together with you we want to explore new ideas and help concepts to come to reality, meaning realistic prototypes manufactured within 24 hours of extended hacking and making.


  • Home-1st
  • have a look on
  • Prize


  • Wednesday
  • 7:00 PM Ideation @ Axel Springer Penthouse

  • Saturday
  • 9:00 AM Start Hacking and Breakfast

    11:00 AM Fab Lab machine tour

    12:30 PM Lunch

    7:00 PM Dinner

    11:00 PM Night snack



This page gives you all the neccessary information for Media Hackday - Hardware. LINKS For making you need special knowledge and tools. Find a lot of those here! Find all machines of ...

This page gives you all the neccessary information for Media Hackday - Hardware.


For making you need special knowledge and tools. Find a lot of those here!

Find all machines of Fab Lab and necessary software here

Find tools to organize your team and project at a hackathon here (german)

3D Library Thingiverse

Maker page Instructables


We want the Mediahackday to be a great experience for all participants. Therefore we made some basic rules, so that each team has the same chances in presenting its idea and enables the jury to decide fair and square.


You can participate as developer as well as designer, concept developer or a journalist. You don't need to be a professional; you will be working in a team. To participate in the hackathon you have to get your free ticket on our webpage.

2.Competition Rules

  • Prior to the hackathon’s beginning, feel free to work on your ideas, digital mockups and other preparative things. 
Note: no coding or making should be done beforehand. Of course we love initiative work and ambitious spirits – but to be fair, we like everyone to start at the same level.

  • If you already have projects you would like to extend, please disclose this at the project presentation, so that the judges can take this fact into account when deciding on the winners.

  • Teams can consist of up to 5 members. The teams have full ownership of everything they build at our event and are free to do with it as they wish. We’d prefer it if you make your project open source, but this decision is to be made by your team. If you think it is needed for your idea and work, please find a good draft for a hackathon team contract here

  • After team forming, each team must list their project as soon as possible on our hackathon IO page.

  • The hack presentations should be functional product demos of your work and – please - no powerpoint slides (you’re coders, not marketeers, you know…!)

3. Jury and Judging criteria

  • We are happy to have some of the best people in the media industry as Judges

  • The main prizes will be judged by the following criteria.

ORIGINALITY - Is the solution unique and/or innovative?

USEFULLNESS - Is the solution compelling and/or useful?

FUNCTION - Is the solution working already or only a dummy.

BUDGET - Is the solution made with low material usage?

MEDIA – Does the solution feature media issues.

4. House Rules

We are happy to be guests at the facilities of Fab Lab Berlin and Axel Springer. They provide rooms, food, drinks and technical infrastructure, which make this hackday possible. Please use their equipment with respect and tidy up after yourself.

Please use the provided internet connection in a legally fitting manner. Don’t hack into secured resources or download illegal media content. If we find out about misuse we will disqualify you and your team. In the case of severe misdoing we will bring you to the attention of the authorities.