Positive credit score for financial inclusion

Sao Paulo


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Paulo Bachim Gois Manso
Manuel Espirito Santo
Diogo Goes

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Product Manager Investor


Overview MasterScore is a free positive scoring tool that enables access to credit and contributes to financial inclusion. Value For people: A free tool that helps create a healthy spending habit and increases familiarity with eletronic payments, while providing a positive score to assist on taking credit. For banks: A powerful tool that allows banks to increase their credit offer with more security. For MasterCard: Innovative and disruptive idea to drive industry change, fight cash, increase financial inclusion and be a force for good in the world. Description This excel file contains dummy transactional and demographic data that will serve as inputs to the model. This data was taken to a MySQL database and served as input for the model, designed in PHP, which contained scoring rules. Credit scoring is na extremely complex process and, for the sake of the demo, we implemented only a few rules. These rules included inferred income and declared income comparison, spending behavior, MCCs, card info (pre-paid, debit and credit), denied transactions etc. This scores were then specifically modeled for two sample users, and HTML / CSS screens were designed to simulate access to the online tool.


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