This is Meant for Fun

We are creating this event so you can have fun and meet like minded people. Make sure you take breaks and don't burn yourselves out.

Teams Size

Team sizes can be anywhere from 1 to 4 members. All member must either be a developer or designer.

Operate in the spirit of the Hackathon

No cheating. All code must be created on the week. We do encourage you to plan your project. Come with wireframes Even put a video on the teams profile page about what you are planning to work on. This our golden rule. Any team found not be following this rule or not acting in the spirit of the hackathon will be ejected without a refund. All rulings of the judges and hackathon staff are final.

Open Source, APIs and 3rd SDKs

Please use 3rd party APIs, frameworks, SDKs and services. Take an advantage you get while operating in the spirit of the hackathon. There will even be people there to help and promote their platforms that just might give you that edge you need.


You own your code. MassHack claims no rights or responsibility for any or all intellectual property you create during, after or derive from you project for the hacakthon.