Facilitates Carpoolers to meet online and share ride



Technologies Used

Spring Framework

Project Team

Avinash Vundyala

This team is looking for

Product Manager Investor


Repo : https://github.com/vundyalaavinash/LocomateAPP Locomate is a mobile and a web application that allows user to share ride. Users post ride details on Locomate interested people can search for posts and opt for the ride. They can chat online and agree upon terms. If they did not find suitable rides then they can request for ride on Locomate one would get a rides in no time. Locomate also helps you find where exactly your ride is just before the pickup. Both the person offering and the passenger can see their counter part's location after the offering person starts the rider. Locomate supports online transaction so that transfer of money between users is without any individual interaction. The application gives serious importance to security. The following are some steps the application takes cares: 1. It does not share personal details other than the users name and the vehicle details of the user who is offering a ride. It restricts users also from sharing emails and phone number. 2. The application has a GPS locator which keeps the beloved of the user informed on their location while travelling. 3. The application if deviates a lot from the possible routes to the destination then a windows pops out to the user informing the same and a option to send alerts to police and to their beloved persons. 4. Rating system keeps the application clean and neat.


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