Location Quality

Track employee location to limit hazardous exposure

San Francisco


Technologies Used

Windows 8

Project Team

Matthew Garten
Developer Designer

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Product Manager Investor


(Had to leave early to teach a class, read the below for what I was working to do, thanks! If interested contact at optimizedforce@gmail.com) Monitoring the safety of employees at manufacturing companies is currently expensive and inaccurate. Just monitoring a location for chemical or other hazards does not give you the exposure that each individual employee experiences as they move through the facility and monitoring equipment is too large and expensive to have each employee wear. Occasional audits do not ensure that employees use safety equipment, it just ensures that they use it when the auditor is around. Location Quality provides ways to track individual exposure level and safety compliance at low cost and easy to implement and maintain. In each location that has potential or known hazards a safety node is placed which would have the sensors to detect the hazard (e.g. a CO monitor), a Bluetooth module, and a microcontroller. The microcontroller would read the sensor and upload the timestamped data to the main database by WiFi. Each employee would have on their cell phone a program (e.g. NewAer) that detects when they enter a location by the Bluetooth signal in the safety node. The phone sends when an employee enters or exits an area to the database. It also tracks when they use safety equipment by NFC tags on the items, which the employee would tag in and out of. On the oversight software, these pieces of information can then be queried from the database to give a graph of the total exposure each employee has received and compliance with safety requirements. It will also allow tracking when the safety equipment should be replaced based on its usage. By making the information easy to collect and review it will save on compliance costs and allow for more informed decisions to be made for employee safety. Aditional Tech Stack: Arduino, NewAer, and Microsoft Azure


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