A predefined to do list for school students.



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SQL Lite

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Siddharth Yadav

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Product Manager Investor


Creating a task list for different students , to help them follow the optimal path to preparing different subjects. Each checklist will deal with a specific topic, dividing it into sub-topics clearly into theoretical and application sections.(Sub-topics should be considered as skills. We will make subtopics as a skills list. We will focus on skills required to complete a chapter. This idea has been taken from Maths section of Khan Academy) The checklist will include proposed read-limit for a sub-topic so that students do not waste extra time than required on different topics. After the checklist or during the progress, the site should provide links for additional links for reference. Tag tasks with their difficulty and importance. Automatic revision reminder: It will remind students when to revise a certain a topic. To make a perfect revision plan, it will use data points: 1. when the topic was completed 2. difficulty 3. importance 4. last revised data. Performance anylasier(Add-on): It will tell you-- your performance increased by x%.. or decreased by y%.. You are on fire or you are not studying these days. Since every student has different learning pace, the evaluation will be based on 1) relative time taken for specific topics(in comparison to time taken by him in previous topic of similar difficulties) 2) no of tasks he has completed in a specific period of time 3) difficulties of those task Time Table creator - takes as input the 1) time at which student reaches home 2) hours available for study at home (excluding tuition) 3) student's aimed percentage and then creates a nice schedule for that student to follow Checklist before exam: list of some common mistakes that students commit in boards so that student can avoid them - list of only tasks - not actual content (that would be tough to update because board syllabus keeps changing) Place yourself there or an average student. Students are hesitant to consult teachers about their questions, how will they consult for this? Most students can't decide how? You have experienced all this in class. Peers ask me how to go about topics quite frequently. Most children don't have the ability to divide time. We will focus on CBSE and ICSE. If we focus on the council syllabus it will do. Many books offer extra material. Students would get to know what extra is there and what is not there in Board exams. Suggestions would be given rather than exact time-limit, like Skim, Read, Read Carefully, Memorize, Practice by writing and so on. Take help from school in this. Definitely.


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