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Christina Lila Wilson
Gisele Ishema-Karekezi

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About this event

We talk a lot about the lack of women in technology. What’s keeping them out? The Lady Problem Global Hackathon Series, presented by AngelHack, is launching in a city near you!

The Lady Problems Global Hackathon Series is setting out to answer that question. We’re challenging our community of 100,000+ women and men, developers, designers, entrepreneurs to create technology that will address the problems that prevent female entrepreneurship. And course, male allies are welcome too!

Why is this an issue?

Women represent half of the global population, reinvest 90% of their income into their families and communities, but earn just 10% of the world’s income. Studies have shown that advancing women’s equality can add between $12-28 trillion to global economic growth.

According to UN Women, companies with 3 or more women in senior management functions score higher in all dimensions of organizational effectiveness, yet just 4% of Fortune 500 companies are led by women. In startup-land, you’ll find the same results. First Round Capital’s analysis of 300 portfolio companies over ten years showed that startup teams with at least one female founder performed 63% better than all male teams, yet around only 4% of women are backed by VC funding.

It’s proven that investing in women creates a better world, and yet they’re not even close to meeting their potential. So what can we do to solve these problems?


Hack a solution that will help women access health resources to ensure that they can have successful careers, regardless of whether or not they choose to have children.

Hack a solution that ensures that women can be safe when they go to, are at, and come home from work.

Economic Empowerment
Hack a solution that helps women gain access to the financial resources, training and support they need to grow their businesses.

Hack a solution that helps women succeed and feel confident in the workplace and that they are supported in their careers by their families and communities.


  • Home-1st
  • Social Good Accelerator: The winning team from each city will be inducted into AngelHack’s first-ever socia...

  • Home-2nd
  • Grand Prize: Women Who Code
  • Women Who Code: The winning team from each city in an Applaud Her spot in the CODE Review, a featured place...

  • Home-3rd
  • Sponsor Prize: HPE
  • Challenge: Best use of HPE Haven OnDemand in any of the main Lady Problems challenges. Prize: The w...



  • Saturday
  • Day 1

    09:00 AM - 10:30 AM : Doors Open to Attendees / Breakfast of Champions

    10:30 AM : Opening Ceremony and Sponsor Talks

    11:30 AM : Team-building and networking session *ALL SKILL SETS WELCOME. You do not need an idea beforehand although we encourage brainstorming.

    12:00 PM : Coding Begins

    01:00 PM : Lunch

    03:00 PM - 8:00 PM : Mentors Available

    06:30 PM : Dinner

    07:00 PM : CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap documentary screening, sponsored by Capital One

  • Sunday
  • Day 2

    08:00 AM : Breakfast

    10:30AM: Pitch practice session and Demo A/V testing

    12:30 PM : Lunch

    01:00 PM : Hackathon Ends / Submissions due on

    02:00 PM : Demos Begin / Demos only / No Slide Decks (If your demo doesn’t work, take us through the code of what you did and where you got stuck. It’s about showing what you’ve learned and not about pitching an idea)

    04:00 PM: Winners are Announced / Prize-a-thon!

    Schedule subject to awesome changes. Stay Tuned!



Not-So-Fresh Code: You are welcome to start working on your hack before the event. You can present pre-existing projects, but they must be relevant to the hackathon challenges. You also must dem...

Not-So-Fresh Code:

You are welcome to start working on your hack before the event. You can present pre-existing projects, but they must be relevant to the hackathon challenges. You also must demo live at the hackathon on Sunday in-person, or via Google Hangout. We highly encourage all participants to attend the hackathon in-person, to meet other like-minded hackers and gain valuable insights from our sponsors about building amazing products!

Ownership and IP:

Teams have full ownership of everything they build at our events and are free to do with it as they wish.

Team Size:

Teams of up to 5 humans are allowed. You can also add 1 Cyborg, Furby, drone, or Sphero.


Each hackathon has its individual page, which projects should be submitted on. Submissions take place after 24 hours of pure hacking.

Demo Your Hack:

You must demo your hack in order to present. No slide-decks or Powerpoint will be allowed. Two minute presentation and one minute Q&A from Judges, live during the event in-person or via a Google Hangout.

Code of Conduct:

You must abide by the Code of Conduct. We have a zero-tolerance policy for harassment. If you’re making others feel unsafe in anyway, we’ll kick you out. End of story