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Yasith Nayana
Designer Developer
dilan hewathudella

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Since Facebook introduced 360 images to the public, the use of 360 images has increased its numbers. The value for a 360 image has gone up since they give a higher detail than a traditional 2D image. 360 images are commonly photos taken from 360 cameras, but custom images with custom imagery is only a handful. We have come up with a unique solution (Kyu 360) to edit and manipulate custom 360 images which can be published directly to Facebook 360 canvas. This solution will help anyone who is willing to create a 360 image on their desktop pc or mobile. With this solution we hope to uplift the 360 image community since there is a growing potential towards these images and people often find difficulties publishing such images without professional help. Kyu is not a traditional 2D Work-space but a 3D work-space. Since this application is developed through Unity Engine the amount of devices this application support varies from Android, IOS, and Windows Mobile to PC, Mac and the Web. This is an extensible and a dynamic work environment for young designer, professionals and any other person who are interested in creating amazing custom 360 Images.