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view: https://imgur.com/hjyvIHT - // ABOUT Kutoa gives back hope and purpose to refugees. With the support of a local sponsor, a refugee can show needs and goals. Donators can give $10/mo to help achieve this goal. An optional amount can be given for Kutoa administration fees. e.g. A refugee needing $100/mo for language classes would need 10 donators who'd put in $10 each per month. Currently, Kutoa supports 3 kinds of goals: employment, education, employment. * A refugee can get housing and basic needs with the help of a local host. * A refugee can show an education goal, such as kids schooling, continuous education, language courses, skill adapation etc. * A refugee can show an employment goal. Often, this means a local person would help them adapt his skills. It can be a company offering an internship, a technical skill etc. Kutoa encourages refugees and sponsors to post a specific project, with a goal, a beginning date and end date. // VERIFICATION Every application goes through due diligence, when possible: * Is there a local sponsor? The local sponsor has an existing relationship with the refugee, and can support to achieve goal(s). The sponsor will also have the responsability to give the money. * Is the person a real refugee? Currently Kutoa only supports political refugees. Kutoa reviews refugee passport, U.N.H.C.R. file, local N.G.Os files, when possible. * Is the person a good member of the community? Kutoa looks for peer & local reviews, as well as other elements such as pictures and videos demonstrating this. // CASE UPDATES Strong & regular updates by the refugee can demonstrate trust. Updates can be messages to donators and the community, sharing life challenges or successes, or education & employment advancement. Donators are notified in real-time of updates. After the first donation, Kutoa requires bi-weekly case updates from the refugee to get the remaining donations. // PEOPLE Based on discussions with Felipe Coimbra who travelled in the Balkans and saw the plight of refugees Thanks to Mohamed Alborno for his support and feedback saturday night. Palestinian refugee, Mohamed does not have a country. Kutoa can give purpose to Palestinian and Syrian refugees. Thanks to Aimable Dusingizimana for his words. While Kutoa cannot solve the roots of the crisis, it would have helped Rwandan refugees like Aimable who fled the genocide.