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1.1 BEHIND OUR NAME Kloudr.us (pronounced as cloud-ar-ous ) ‘Kloud’, an alternative spelling of the word cloud, conjures an imagery of the boundless sky. The sky also connotes a sense of freedom and endless possibility. Home to birds which are creatures known as the symbol of carefreeness and exploration. Kloudr.us embodies every quality of the immense possibilities, and is a vector of discovery. Combined with 'r.us' being read as ‘are us’, the whole name can be simply read as Cloud Are Us. It conveys the idea that our platform of events is not only a home, but a vector of discovery for youths to reach out to events. 1.2 PROBLEMS AND REQUIREMENTS The idea behind our project was derived from an issue we had identified as polytechnic students. There are countless events in polytechnics, yet there is no single platform which collates all of them as of today. As a result, students are often confused and unaware of the countless events painstakingly organised by polytechnics. Kloudrus is a continuation of our Social Innovation Project, Knowlife, which undertakes a similar problem. 1.3 SUMMARY OF RECOMMENDATIONS In order to solve this problem, we came up with an integrated platform, which will consist of both a web and mobile interface. These two platforms will be utilising the same set of database and other core backend features. 1.4 PROJECT OBJECTIVE The purpose of Kloudrus is to nurture social interaction by providing a platform to not only encourage polytechnic students to play a role in meaningful events, but also, making it a rewarding and enjoyable process. Kloudrus works by pulling youths and meaningful corporate and social events together. The primary objective of Kloudrus is to bring polytechnic students and events together. This will allow them to be enriched by their experiences in events instead of spending their time aimlessly. The objective of this project is to provide the following • A platform where events are showcased specifically for polytechnic students. • A platform where event merchandisers can showcase their products and services to event organisers. 1.5 OUTLINE OF IMPLEMENTATION PLAN We will break down our project into 4 phrases, to be completed within the 16 weeks. Our implementation plan will be discussed in greater detail under the report section dedicated to it.


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