KarmaDirect: CrowdSourced Donation & Disbursement Platform

Las Vegas


Technologies Used

First Data
Pivotal Cloud Foundry

Project Team

Erik Medina
Catherine Rhee
James Hoard
Entrepreneur Designer

This team is looking for

Product Manager Investor


KarmaDirect CrowdSourced Donation & Disbursement Platform We Help those in need get personal essential supplies via intelligent self-service vending machine. A lot of people in need do not ask for funds for personal hygiene, first aid or daily supplies due to embarrassment or being shamed. Even donors don’t have transparencies on how the funds of charities are being utilized. 64% of Donors are unhappy with the charities that they have donated & prefer to give money directly to those in need. 2 billion live in "inadequate shelter." 100 million are homeless worldwide 2/3 are working and/or attending school to have better lives. WE enable people to ask for micro-assistance. Direct donations are given to the person to get funding sources come through Visa Crowdsource via the web, mobile app. The Charity is the Administrator of the Donors fund. We use Feedzai to determine the Karma Score based on the individual past behavior for purchases. Individuals who are “Good Citizen” will get a higher Karma Score because they have demonstrated good behavior by only taking what he needs from the vending machine. DEMO: By receiving approval, the intelligent self-service vending machine door will automatically open. The individual then selects the items of choice and closes the door. The settlement, check-out, and receipt of the transaction will be sent to the Charity through Visa Checkout API. Fast Approval for Funds ... the money will be available for the recipient to use within 30 minutes of the approved authorization or closing of the vending door for checkout. Karma Direct gives a "sensible & humanistic" approach, giving a better experience without being invasive.


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