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Professor Peter .K Ngugi
Naresh Jain
Jyothi Rangaiah
Anuj Duggal

Event checklist


About this event

This hackathon is a platform to showcase your project or find other hackers/collaborators to work with you on your pet project. It's also a great opportunity to start contributing to an open source project like the Joomla project.

We've room for 50 people to participate in this hackathon. If we get more than 50 people, we might shortlist them based on their project/idea.

Participants can apply under anyone of the following categories:

1. Democratizing Education

Internet is the most powerful learning tool out there. We've seen the rise of Massive Open Online Courses, which are disrupting the tradition, pre-career education system. Having said that, we are still a long way from democratizing eduction .i.e. easy, affordable, inclusive access to authentic educational content. Few key challenges are: easy access to high-speed Internet, discoverability of authentic content (noise to signal ratio is very high), shortfalls in literacy skills in developing countries, disability barriers (accessibility related challenges) and so on. Can you design a solution that can address one or more of these challenges?

2. Being Good Citizens

For most open source projects, India is the bigger user base. Yet our net contribution to these open source communities is negligible. Typically the main challenge is in getting started, once developers experience the joy of contributing to open source projects, there is no looking back. Can you design a solution that can encourage more developers to contribute to open source projects?

As part of this theme, we've representatives from the Joomla project at the conference, who will help the participants to contribute to the Joomla project. They will host a bug-squash, where you can find new bugs, fix already reported bugs and/or verify that a bug is indeed fixed. This is a great way to kick-start your open source contribution.

3. Just For Fun

Working on interesting pet project (IoT, Robotics, Big Data, Neuromorphics, Nanotech etc.) for fun and for learning/exploring new technologies? Interested in showcasing what you've done so far? Find other interesting hackers or even collaborators to help you with your project? This theme is dedicated for hackers working on kewl pet projects. Submit your project idea to participate in this event.

Participants can start working on their idea right away. However during the conference they have 24 hrs to put finishing touches to their idea. We've a few mentors available during the 24 hrs to help you.


Finally there will be a 60 mins demo slot at the jQuery conference ( where all the demo-able projects will get 5 mins to showcase what they've built.


Based on public votes from attendees in the room, we'll select the winners.


Prizes are not published


  • Friday
    • 2:15 PM - Kick-off
    • 2:30 PM - Participants start working on their projects
  • Saturday
    • 2:00 PM - Final Submission of your project
    • 4:00 - 5:00 PM - 5 mins demo slots for each demoable project
    • 5:30 PM - Announce the winners


Rules are not published.