A patient initiated Early Warnings System


Technologies Used

fitbit api
Fitbit OS

Project Team

Kalyani Yerra
Corporate Entrepreneur Developer

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Product Manager Investor


63% of Smart phone and wearable device users have used tech to track health- or exercise-related information daily or weekly in the past 12 months. 60% indicating they would share this data if it would assist physicians in treating them. Jagratha a patient initiated Early Warnings systems that analyzes the patient generated data such as weight, heart rate, activity for unusual trends and provides them with the early warnings of many non symptomatic health conditions using already published guidelines and algorithms that detect these early warning signs and send the patient consented and only the relevant data to the providers using the EHR APIs and other integration technology 83% of physicians said that consumer-generated data from phone apps and sensor devices could support care coordination across providers and enable more personalized care plans. 64% of physicians think technology that captures consumer-generated data will reduce the burden on doctors and nurses specifically, which will have a positive impact on the critical issue of burnout. It's a win - win- win for patients providers and payers. Patients benefit from a early detection system that saves lives and costs. Providers get the benefit from only viewing / getting relevant PGHD during their workflow. This also has financial benefits since this is considered a patient care coordination effort as part of MIPS and can get reimbursed. Its a win for Payers since the patient outcomes will be improved at a lower cost


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