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    Loyalty scheme incentivising usage of public transport

    Android· node.js· Mysql· ngrok· PTV· MasterCard Payment Gateway Service


    Easy trip to the station every morning

    Android· mastercard API


    PT-Driven Courier Service

    JavaScript· ReactJS· Google API· ExpressJS· MasterCard Payment Gateway Service· PTV-GTFS

    Bike-Share & Deliver (Green Challenge)

    Extend Melbourne Bike-Share with Delivery Service

    Xamarin· Google Map API· Azure Mobile Services

    Make-Create Bike Tripper

    DIY Melbourne Tours by Share Bike

    Java· Angular

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    Dynamic Pricing for Transportation

    Dynamic Price based on the Crowd and Congestion


    Last mile service

    Linking everyday people with everyday transport heroes.

    api· mastercard API· iOS App· php· PTV· Parking API


    transforming underutilised spaces into commercial hubs

    Mastercard business insights· Melbourne City pedestrian counts· Melbourne City pedestrian sensor locations· Melbourne City drinking fountains· Melbourne City visitor shuttle bus stops

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    Priority Lane System

    Travel on Eastern Freeway faster

    JavaScript· Python· Mysql


    Public Transport Extensions

    Bluetooth LE· Microsoft Azure· iOS App· MasterCard APIs

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    Ride with me

    Peer to Peer Commuting Solution

    Google Maps API· Melbourne City pedestrian counts· Melbourne City pedestrian sensor locations· MasterCard Payment Gateway Service


    Dynamic road pricing to reduce congestion

    Android· Firebase· mastercard· NodeJS· Bluedot· Vicroads

    Weather Wise Insurance

    Protect your business from lost sales due to the weather

    Basic JS: Basic PHP; Basic Python: Basic Android: Basic iOS


    Get answers to local knowledge in real time

    Frontend - HTML/CSS/Bootstrap· mastercard-api· Master Card Places API


    Seamless public transport for future Melbourne

    JavaScript· Ionic Framework· ASP.NET Web API· MasterCard APIs· PTV-GTFS

    City Mike

    Future solution for bike sharing

    JavaScript· Python· Amazon AWS· CSS· ReactJS· Apache Cordova