Learn about public issues and measure its impact in society


Technologies Used

Ruby on Rails

Project Team

Isaura Fontcuberta
Designer Investor Entrepreneur Developer
Lluis Arévalo
Marta Fonda
Entrepreneur Designer Developer

This team is looking for

Product Manager Investor


Issues helps you to learn about the public measures your local or national government is taken. Provide feedback and generate informed debate, so the executers of those policies (political parties) could get feedback about how a resolution is impacting the society, see how their policies are working, or if they are relevant and well rated by the citizens. These citizens will find a place in where they can be informed about the real policies the goverment is taken, they can debate and give their opinion about the real impact of these policies in the society and other data that could be relevant. Journalists and analysts are invited to see more information, metrics and data about the reception of the new measures, differences between areas, the initiatives are getting more impact and be informed about real problems of the population. We would like to also implement a section to publish governor’s election programs to automatically keep tracking of accomplished implementations. Using the API, Data visualization in maps and other tools will give us some functionalities we are working on: - Display the information using user and policies coordinates. - Gamification of the data for users and other kind of roles (Political parties, journalists, etc.) - Get feedback from the user. They can not only upload things they want to change but also get support via - Political parties can use the platform to achieve more visibility with their policies. They can explain how this specific initiative has been aprooved and what is the purpose of it. - Depending on the role (Political parties, Journalists and researches, etc.) there is going to exist different features (Different dashboard, different access to the data, etc.). Users will have a free access to the platform but researches, political parties, etc., are going to have a paid account to get access to the data. - All the initiatives approved have to be demonstrated if they are published by the political parties (using official documents and data). - Get other APIs information from electoral data so we can get a better analysis about the real situation of an area.