ISS (International Space Station) locator

Find where the ISS is located

san Francisco


Technologies Used

Sony Concept N
ISS location API
Reverse geocoding API

Project Team

Gilles de Bordeaux
Developer Entrepreneur

This team is looking for

Product Manager Investor


- The ISS is a massive science laboratory in space. Many of the last missions of the Space Shuttle were used to build it. It completes an orbit of earth every 90 minutes at an average of 240 miles high. It orbits the Earth 16 times per day and its velocity is 17,500 miles-per-hour. That means a trip from Los Angeles to New York takes less than 9 minutes. - We want to ask Concept N to give the current orbital location of the ISS relative to its Earth coordinates in latitude and longitude. - Since these two numbers don't convey much to me, and to be more user-friendly, we also want Concept N to tell what these coordinates corresponded to on a map. We use reverse geocoding to provide a meaningful geographic feature name.