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Event Location - Gravitate, 206 6th Avenue, 6th Floor, Des Moines, IA 50309

Do you have a work related idea but never seem to have the time to work on it? Has a feature eluded you due to its lower priority? Is there a proof of concept bouncing around in your head that you want to try? Here is your chance! Join us for the first ever Application Development Center of Excellence Hackathon!

What is a Hackathon?

A hackathon is a fun event in which individuals involved in the software development process collaborate on a one-day project. The goal is to set aside time to work on a project that may not get attention, to innovate, or to try something new.

What are the rules?

Teams are made of two to five people. Teams can be created prior to the day or will be created when everyone comes together. Hackathon work is not to be started until the event begins. Teams will start presenting their work at 6 pm to the entire group. Winner will be determined by popular vote.

What would I work on?

The Hackathon project could be anything that provides value to the work we do! Maybe it’s a tool that will help someone do their job more easily or a clever enhancement to tools we already have. It could be a feature that you’ve always wanted in one of our systems or a new system all together. It could benefit those who build tools for the business or the business itself. Companies find projects developed in hackathons very useful and some are actually implemented post hackathon.

I’m not a developer!

That’s ok! Your unique skill set can be helpful whether you are in Business Analysis, Quality Assurance, or just feel like flexing your technical knowledge. Everyone can add their own perspective, talents, and time toward delivering something really cool and useful. Beyond the technical work involved, it’s helpful to have someone help create the presentation materials or show off what the team created. All are welcome and all can contribute!

How do I participate?

With approval from your manager, sign up! Then join us on September 20th at 8 am on the third floor to get started. You could create your own team with an idea or if you do not have a team, you will be able to find one when everyone comes together. If your duties will not allow you to participate this time, please look for future hackathons!

There are several parking ramps in the area around the event. Meters are also available but may need fed through the day.


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  • Sunday
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  • Monday
  • 8AM Gather and Kick Off



No coding before 8am on the day of the hackathon

No coding before 8am on the day of the hackathon