Providing businesses with temporary employment



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Project Team

Erandi Dayasena
Nikethan Selvanathan
Shakoora Farouk
Savidu Dias
Imaadh Rizni
Designer Developer

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Product Manager Investor


Customers have to waste a large amount of time waiting for services due to the lack of employees (at restaurants, banks, shopping malls, etc). Our idea is to implement a solution which is a service that provides temporary employment (a few hours) for businesses where employees get paid by the hour. Employees apply for temporary jobs at different branches of a company (eg: Cargills at Moratuwa, Keels at Ratmalana, etc), and employers decide to hire them based on their own criteria. Thereafter, during busy hours, certain branches of a company requests a quantity of employees to attend to work for a given amount of time (eg: Keels Super in Ratmalana requests 2 cashiers to work on Sunday from 9.00 a.m. to 11 a.m.). The hired temporary employees of that branch then receives a notification, which they can accept if it is possible for them to attend at that time. The employees get paid by the hour, and we, the service provider gets a small cut of that payment. The employers and customers can rate an employee based on the quality of their service, which gives the employees motive to provide a good service (similar to how drivers could be rated on Uber). The employers benefit from this as employees can be hired for very short periods of time, thereby being able to obtain better customer satisfaction for a small cost, employees benefit by being able to make a satisfactory amount of income during a short time, and overall, the customer gets a pleasant experience while interacting with the business.