Secure digital food wallets for homeless and hungry people in your community


Technologies Used

Ionic Framework

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Scott Burke
Entrepreneur Designer Developer
Andrew Redden
Entrepreneur Developer
Entrepreneur Designer

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Product Manager Investor


We're very proud today to present our project demo video submission for the UAE Blockchain Virtual GovHack. We’ve created an end-to-end proof of concept for Hypergive, a project that allows communities to crowdfund secure digital food wallets for homeless and hungry people in their community. Hypergive leverages Ethereum blockchain technology to tackle some of the biggest problems in homeless hunger, including donor cynicism, a cashless society, and diversion of funds. Join us in piloting Hypergive in cities around the world and near you! Find out more at www.hypergive.com. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ HYPERGIVE - SECURE DIGITAL FOOD WALLETS FOR HOMELESS AND HUNGRY PEOPLE IN YOUR COMMUNITY _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We want to help the people around us who can’t eat. But there are two major problems today with giving money to people on the street. For better or worse, recipients don’t always spend the money they receive the way we’d like them to. This has led to cynicism among many people about where their money goes and inhibits generosity. As well, not many people carry cash or coins as we move towards a cashless society. Even if someone wants to give to someone else on the street, they usually only have a debit or credit card at the time. Hypergive solves these problems using the Ethereum blockchain by tackling donor cynicism and allowing you to fund secure, digital food wallets for homeless and hungry people in your community. Here’s how it works. CareCards are crowdfunded by communities on the Hypergive web site. People can donate with common payment methods such as a credit card, debit card, Paypal account or even Bitcoin. Hypergive is also compatible with registered charities so you’ll even receive a tax receipt. We work with a partner organization who issues the CareCard to a person in need. The card has a QR code containing the address and private key of an Ethereum smart contract. The contract holds the balance remaining on the card, management functions for the partner organization, and the person’s picture so they can be validated at the time of the transaction. The person takes the card to a participating retailer, who scans the card with an app we provide them on a inexpensive Android phone. The app queries the Ethereum smart contract for validation and the cardholder’s photo pops up on the screen so that the clerk can verify them. This prevents trading or theft of cards. If the transaction is approved, the person receives their food and the transaction is settled in the retailer’s local fiat currency to an account of their choice through bank transfer or Paypal. The smart contract that each food wallet is based on has measures to protect the integrity of the system and allow it to be managed at the community level, including daily spending limits, de-activation and value recovery if it’s lost or stolen. Hypergive- Ensures donations are spent on food. Uses common payment methods. Gives donors a tax receipt. Gives more dignity and choice to those in need.