Human Code

Translate programming code into everyday language.


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Dalton Scott
Roslyn Scott

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Copy and paste your code into Microsoft Word. The Human Code task pane add in translates your code into everyday language. Microsoft Translator Hub gives you the power of Microsoft Translator to build a Translation System for translating between two languages, using your preferred terminology and style. Contact Us to join the Human Code project! Next Steps: Waiting for Microsoft Translator Hub to approve our request for a "new" source language. It will take up to 6 business days to evaluate the request. During the evaluation process, the owner of the workspace could be contacted by email to get more information about the language. When the language support is included, an email will be sent to the owner of the workspace. Once the Human Code language is added to their database, we can Create two Human Code Projects and invite members to contribute. A project allows you to build a new translation system between two languages using a terminology & style of your choice. You can create as many projects as you want, but we will start with two: one for translating from the source language (javascript) to the target language (english), and one for the other direction (english to javascript). Then, we setup trainings to teach the Microsoft Translator how to translate sentences using our style and terminology. We then create three datasets: Training, Tuning and Testing. We then review the quality of translations & invite reviewers to comment. Finally, we deploy the translation system for use in Word, (Excel, Powerpoint, et al).