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Event Details: HUGE Memory Hackathon Overview

NOTE: Please send me an RSVP by email, with your resume, with special focus on application development

NOTE: We have some openings for Expert Hackathon Guides


Huge International Geeks Hackathon (HIGH)


Leveraging and Optimization of the Low Power and On-board Memory Access

Organizing a big Hackathon related to applications of memory technology on  by I Want This"> August  13, 2013 as part of Flash Memory Summit to be held on August 13-15, 2013 in Santa Clara Convention Center, in Santa Clara, California.

Quick Facts - Total Flash Memory Summit Expected attendees: 3000 - Meet Who's Who in the Industry Worldwide - Location: Silicon Valley, California - Lots of Prizes - Visibility to Angels, VCs, Companies Interested in Your Application and Talents, Hiring Managers and Executives - We will also provide FREE Hackathon veteran coaches to support your hacking - Subject Matter Experts from attending companies - Guaranteed to be a fun environment - We encourage international teams to participate

We are looking for hackers, sponsors, companies with products related to this space.

Contact the Organizer and Chair:

KRS Murthy 


Twitter: bigdataexpert

Skype: drkrsmurthy


The hackathon is part of four full days of conference, many parallel sessions, over 120 exhibits in Santa Clara Convention Center.

This conference is attended by Who's Who is Technology and especially Memory Technology has few years of track record


The conference attendance was 3000 last year.

Here is a write-up on the 2013 Flash Memory Summit Hackathon:  

Hackathon Organizer and Chair: Dr. KRS Murthy


Title:  Flash Memory Hackathon


Description:  The 2013 Flash Memory Summit is looking for a few technical volunteers to help man a hardware hackathon to be held for about 9 hours on Tuesday during the FMS.  Ideally these technical volunteers would be applications engineers who could provide technical resources (such as development kits, components, flash memory storage, power supplies, etc.) and advice that would be needed by 4-5 hackathon teams that would be composed of from 1 to 5 people each.  These technical volunteers and their supported institution or company would be given recognition for their support at the FMS.


The hackathon teams would design and build their idea during the 9 hours of the hackathon using the components at the hackathon.  They may come to the hackathon with some advance ideas and plans of what they would like to build, but they would need to construct the actual implementation using components available at the hackathon.  We probably need to have a list of available resources that we provide the hackathon participants before the event.


The hackathon will have the theme of using flash memory for humanitarian purposes.  We have a list of possible projects that have been brought up but we would need the technical volunteers to create suggested projects or parts of our list of suggested projects that could reasonably be designed, built and demonstrated within a 9 hour period.  We would also like to leave open the idea that hackathon teams might come up with their own ideas for projects that could be completed within the 9 hour hackathon time.


Hackathon teams will be judged at the end of the event for ingenuity, usefulness of the design for humanitarian purposes, and best working/exhibiting the most working features.

Dr. KRS Murthy



(408)-464-3333 ICubed.Murthy@Gmail.Com BigDataExpert@Gmail.Com

Skype: drkrsmurthy


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