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Ashwin Kumar
Developer Designer Entrepreneur Corporate
Xander Peterson
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Alice Wang
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[Overview] Huddle is a simple application designed to make group travel planning easier. By using an intuitive voting function, Huddle creates itineraries based on the group’s consensus. [General Inspiration Behind Huddle] Trips are fun. But planning a trip, especially with groups, can be time-consuming, complicated and stressful. Today, people rely on hard-to-navigate email threads, Google Docs, Doodle, Yelp, Trip Advisor and countless other apps to plan group trips. The current process - an overwhelming number of choices, coupled with accommodating everyone’s needs to create an ideal itinerary - is stressful and is in need of an overhaul. How could this be simplified? Enter Huddle, an app that generates an itinerary based on the group’s top-voted choices. [Target User] The target users for Huddle are Millennials who want to plan a group trip stress-free. [Key Features] The key feature of Huddle is the ability to auto-generate your group’s optimal itinerary based on everyone’s top-selected places. Users within a group first vote on curated places of interest. Huddle then aggregates everyone’s selections and ranks them. Huddle then generates multiple itineraries for the group to choose from. Huddle includes a built-in map and timeline that users can navigate.