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Cagayan De Oro


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Project Team

Daryl James Balangigue
Corporate Investor Entrepreneur
Herabelle Villanueva
Designer Developer
Kevin Paul Mabul
Rico Magallona
Jonacius Villamor

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Product Manager Investor


HopeLab is a crowdsourcing and crowdfunding-based website that aims to streamline the processes related to the acquisition, collection, and distribution of relief packages to communities in need by unifying all disaster and relief-related operations onto a single application. Aimed at the general public, HopeLab would contain a list of calamity-stricken provinces, each of which would have their own checklist of resources they need to help them get back up on their feet during their recovery period. What sets HopeLab apart from most websites of the same goal is that it tracks every resource - cash or in kind - in real time so that every potential donor is aware of which provinces need more attention, which products are in dire need or low on supply, or which items to avoid donating given certain conditions (e.g. a community rich in springs might not need bottled water). These per-community requirements will be supplied by a correspondent from an LGU in or near the areas. In order to save on shipping and upfront purchase costs and to avoid food spoilage, HopeLab prefers cash donations so necessities can be bought from stores, preferably HopeLab's partners, within close proximity to affected areas. Making the most out of the available resources makes us all reach more individuals, after all.


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