Hardware - Emergency Accident Relief Response By Drone

A system that delivers First aid kits before the arrival of medical personnel



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Jubin George Kurien
Midhun Y S

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Product Manager Investor


Ambulance and trained medical personnel could take a long time to reach the victims of a crash . A traffic collision could cause traffic blocks which will further delay the emergency personnel from reaching the site of the incident quickly. People near the crash site would come to the rescue of the victims . But the general public is unaware of the proper first aid to be administered and first aid kits are not available . A simple bandage could reduce bleeding and save a life. knowing how to proper lay down a victim can have drastic effects . Our system aims to send a drone to a reported accident site and deliver a payload which will have necessary first aid equipment and instructions on how to administer it . This system will be able to reach the site much faster than an ambulance can and thus empower the public to help the victims properly . The system will have an on board camera from which the video can be streamed to a trauma specialist who could try and understand the type of injury and instruct the people administering first aid through a speaker on the drone. Another situation is the ambulance getting stuck in traffic with the patient in it .The patient could be in need of an emergency blood transfusion. In this situation the drone could fly to the nearest blood bank and carry the blood required for the victim in the ambulance . the drone can also be fitted with sirens and strobe lights to escort the ambulance. The drone would fly above the road in the direction the ambulance will follow ,thus alerting the drivers about the situation well in advance thus ensuring smooth passage of the ambulance though junctions and other congested areas. Alternate uses ~ search and rescue ~ fire fighting ~surveillance ~riot control ~disaster management


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