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Nidhiya V Raj
Developer Entrepreneur
Praveen Sridhar
Developer Entrepreneur
Abid Aboobaker
Developer Designer Entrepreneur
Vipin Menon
Developer Entrepreneur

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Product Manager Investor


When I was a kid, I used to think what was the use of saving this big bookshelf at home. It is useless, because we rarely use it, and takes a lot of space at home. Also, as a kid I was badly in need of pocket money, so this bookshelf was my aim. Later, when I went to the college I was in need of books like MicroEconomics (Rs 3000 for 83 pages), that time I was in-search of my seniors who left college. So, we came to this. This app is a geo location based BARTER system for books. See, If Dakini had an expensive book and Kuttoosan was in serach of that book for his CME(Common Manthravathi Entrance) test reference. At the same time, Dakini wanted to generate some money for buy a new tool from Lottulodukku to catch Mayavi. If Dakini had listed her book in this great app, asking a small amount of money in exchange, she can easly lend it for reference to Kuttoosan and she can generate some money. Cool Right?? The map on the app will show Kuttoosan how near Dakini is. If Gulumal with same book is nearer to Kuttoosan, the app will automatically show it on the top of the list. Also, if the book is not useful, Kuttoosan can easly write a short review on the app, so it will help the next user. And if Kuttoosan wants all the book under 'Manthravadam' catogery , he can simply follow that tag and will get push notifications for every book in his circle.