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HACKWAW brings the greatest developers and designers to the heart of Warsaw to create mind blowing things in a very short timespan. The goal of the event is to rapidly prototype and build new projects.


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  • Saturday
  • Saturday, November 10th 8:30 AM Registration open 8:30 AM Breakfast time! 9:15 AM Registration over 9:30 AM Welcome talks 9:45 AM Pitch your hack! 10:15 AM Team forming 10:35 AM Gear up with hardware 11:00 AM START HACKING! 2:15 PM Lunch 6:00 PM Pizza 8:00 PM Go sleep

    Sunday, November 11th 9:00 AM Back into hacking, Breakfast 1:30 PM Lunch 6:30 PM HACKING IS OVER! 7:00 PM DEMO TIME 7:45 PM Hardware return 8:00 PM Winners announced



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