Location: CSE Building Room 1202

Teams: 3-4 UC San Diego Students. You must work together as a team to be eligible for the demo and prizes!

Hackathon Theme: "As a student, I wish I could..."

We want to see teams solve student problems. An example problem could be "As a student, I wish I could manage all the IOU's between my friends and I". A possible prototype that a team could work on to solve this problem could be an IOU app with payments.

What you can hack with: You can use any programming language. To keep things fair, the only work you can present for demos are things built from scratch during the hackathon. You can only use open source libraries that everyone is allowed to use. Do not use proprietary/private libraries and do not bring in projects that you've worked on in the past.

Demos: Our judges want to see real working code and UI. No powerpoints please. At the start of your demo, please state the student problem that you are trying to solve for the judges.

Our judges will be grading your project off of these 3 questions:
1. Did your project solve your problem?
2. How creative and innovative was the solution?
3. Did the project demonstrate technical skill?


How do I form a team on Hackathon.io?
You form teams around a project.

If you have a team, starting brainstorming around a problem that would fit the theme. When you have a problem picked out, go to the projects tab, and add a project with your team's problem as the title. Be sure to have your teammates sign up under that project!

If you don't have a team, start brainstorming around a problem anyways! When you have a student problem picked out, add it to the projects so you can form a team around your product idea

What are the fabulous prizes for the winning team?
First Place: $500 Gift Card!!!!
Second Place: $300 Gift Card!!!