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About this event

Intuit invites you to Hacking, Are You Intuit?, a 26 hour hackathon for UCSD students. Come ready with a product idea and hack it into a prototype! There will be mentors to help you throughout the hackathon. Register now and start forming your team!


  • Home-1st
  • $500.0
  • $500 Gift Card

  • Home-2nd
  • $300.0
  • $300 Gift Card



  • Friday
  • Location: CSE Building Room 1202

    4:00pm Registration / Doors open
    Register here when you arrive at the room: (form will open at 4pm)
    This is a great time to meet up with your team and get your development environment setup if you haven't already!
    You can also meet mentors and ask questions.
    If you don't have a team, this is a great time to form one!

    5:00pm Welcome
    We'll be going over the rules and what to expect for this hackathon.

    5:30pm Brainstorming session
    Our Innovation Catalysts will spend time with your team to help you craft a prototype idea for your project.

    7:30pm Dinner
    Gotta fuel up!

    8:00pm Start hacking!
    This is when you'll start hacking away into the night.

  • Saturday
  • Location: CSE Building Room 1202

    12:00am Midnight Snack
    Shhhhhh... its gonna be a surprise

    07:00am Breakfast
    Need some coffee? Fuel up because there' still 7 more hours to work on your project!
    This is also a great time to check with a mentor about your project

    12:00pm Lunch

    3:30pm Project Submissions Open
    Teams can start submitting projects now at (form will open at 3:30pm)
    Your team must submit a project by 4:45pm to be eligible for demos.

    5:00pm Demos
    This is your time to shine in front our industry and faculty judges!
    Share with us your project. No powerpoints please.
    Everyone is a winner, but there can only be 1+1 - the top 2 projects will receive a prize!



Location: CSE Building Room 1202 Teams: 3-4 UC San Diego Students. You must work together as a team to be eligible for the demo and prizes! Hackathon Theme</...

Location: CSE Building Room 1202

Teams: 3-4 UC San Diego Students. You must work together as a team to be eligible for the demo and prizes!

Hackathon Theme: "As a student, I wish I could..."

We want to see teams solve student problems. An example problem could be "As a student, I wish I could manage all the IOU's between my friends and I". A possible prototype that a team could work on to solve this problem could be an IOU app with payments.

What you can hack with: You can use any programming language. To keep things fair, the only work you can present for demos are things built from scratch during the hackathon. You can only use open source libraries that everyone is allowed to use. Do not use proprietary/private libraries and do not bring in projects that you've worked on in the past.

Demos: Our judges want to see real working code and UI. No powerpoints please. At the start of your demo, please state the student problem that you are trying to solve for the judges.

Our judges will be grading your project off of these 3 questions:
1. Did your project solve your problem?
2. How creative and innovative was the solution?
3. Did the project demonstrate technical skill?


How do I form a team on
You form teams around a project.

If you have a team, starting brainstorming around a problem that would fit the theme. When you have a problem picked out, go to the projects tab, and add a project with your team's problem as the title. Be sure to have your teammates sign up under that project!

If you don't have a team, start brainstorming around a problem anyways! When you have a student problem picked out, add it to the projects so you can form a team around your product idea

What are the fabulous prizes for the winning team?
First Place: $500 Gift Card!!!!
Second Place: $300 Gift Card!!!