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Anand Satyan

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About this event

Microsoft Ventures in association with Weekend Ventures presents HackforHire Powered by 10000 startups – a hackathon for discovering talented developers and hack heros.


  • Home-1st
  • Microsoft Ventures Hack Hero Medal
  • The best hack will win the coveted Microsoft Ventures Hack Hero Medal. The medal that every job applicant y...



  • Saturday
  • Event Registration starts at 9:30 AM.

    1030 AM Introduction to Hackforhire startups and Microsoft Ventures

    1100 AM Hackforhire Event format and briefing

    1130 AM Problem statements are announced

    1200 NOON Early lunch and networking to form tag teams

    0100 PM Let the hacking begin

    0500 PM Snack Break and Networking

    0730 PM Dinner Break and Networking

    0830 PM Continue hacking through the night

  • Sunday
  • 0800 AM Breakfast

    1000 AM Stop Coding

    1000AM Demos start

    1130AM Declaring Winners of Hackathon and Shortlisted candidates for interviews

    1200 AM Early Lunch

    0100 PM Interviews begin



Problem Statements: Web1: Build a web app which provides an interface (UI) which allows you to list files and related information from different cloud drives like OneDrive, Dropbox etc. You c...

Problem Statements:

Build a web app which provides an interface (UI) which allows you to list files and related information from different cloud drives like OneDrive, Dropbox etc. You can use the publically available

apis to fetch any content that you might require. Please note that the documents being listed should be paginated, should have metadata information along with them, should be stored in a

database, so that they can be searched (Searching Metadata only). You are free to use any frontend/backend stack that you are comfortable with and you can add more exciting features to your

app to score more points.

Web2: Design a application that crawls multiple weather repositories and maintains a database of all weather events taking place in a region. This application should represent all this weather events

on a map and should provide basic filter conditions like, start date, end date, type of weather event (rainfall, snowfall), impact (severe, non-severe) etc. For example, your web app could take a region as input, let's say India , it would fetch all weather events for India like floods, high winds , low humidity etc for a time duration Let's say 3

months and should plot this on a google map. As you pan or zoom, more related events can be fetched (not mandatory). You should allow users to be able to filter events based on type of

event , impact etc

Mobile 1: Design a photo sharing application on IOS or android. This application lets you take picture, upload existing pictures, lets u add comments, hastags and lets u share your photos with the public

or just your self. Other users can like your photos, comment on them, mark them as spam or choose to reshare them. Users might also want to discover content by searching hashtags. You need

to use a persistant DB to store user information and other application related info.

Mobile2: How often have you and your friends decided to meet at a common place, only to find some of your friends are late or stuck somewhere. Can you design an app, that lets you share your

location with your friends in real time. So how this works is, create a group, add friends, and each friend can see exactly where his friend is. All of this information will be plotted on Google

maps, so I can see where exactly my friends are. This information gets periodically updated. So you can build more secuirty options like, enabling/disabling location sharing

UX1:(Web based UI) Redesign the IRCTC web portal using HTML, CSS, Javascript. The basic ticket booking flow of the IRCTC Railway booking website is one of the most used web pages in the country. Since it

caters to people who are as young as 14 years to people who are as old as 60 years, you have to make the experience simple, efficient and stunning to catery to everyone. The basic flow of a

travel portal must exist starting from the landing page till the ticket booked page. Use the copy that is provided by IRCTC on all pages. Remember that this is not just wireframes or PSDs. This is

a full fledged HTML, CSS, Javascript prototype. All user interactions such as button clicks should give immediate feedback. The buttons must be dummy transitions to other pages. You will be

questioned about the usability of what you create. If you complete this assignment quickly, get creative and add spice to your designs. Use of Jquery is allowed but page rendition times should

not be affected.

UX2 for Mobile: (Mobile based UI) The problem statement is same as UX1. Create a working prototype for Android/iOS for the same problem. Remember the age factor for usability on small screens.


Challenges will be set for each category (Mobile Development, Web Development, UI Development). Pick atleast one challenge. Preferably pick one and make it better.

Participants must use technology stacks that the startups are looking for. If you are unsure about any of the available stacks, you can go ahead and solve the challenge in whichever stack you prefer to but chances of getting hired are drastically reduced. Some of the stacks startups use: .NET, Python, Java, Javascript, Android, iOS, PHP, HTML 5, CSS3, Ruby Check the excel sheet of startup data mailed to you to see who uses what from their JD links

Using Github earns you brownie points

You can be a single hacker or in a team of two.

You cannot use any code that is pre-written.

There will be checks on your code once an hour to see your progress and style.

All projects must be submitted before the deadline of 10AM failing which your team will be disqualified.

Focus on the process. Do not focus on the end result.

Finish one module of your problem statement completely before moving on to another module. Ensure you have something to show at the end of it.

Write clean and legible code.

Stick to the standards.

Ask for help whenever you need it.

Feed and hydrate yourself.

Help others at the hackathon achieve their goal too. We will consider this.

Stay and hack through the night. Keep making it better if you manage to complete it. Sleeping is for losers :P