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Japanese digital scent startup Aromajoin introduces Hackaroma, the world's first scent-inspired hackathon.

Beginning May 12th, 2020, Japanese digital fragrance startup Aromajoin is inviting talented developers and students of all types and in all parts of the world to apply for a challenging, month-long creative experience using Aromajoin's flagship IoT scent device, the Aroma Shooter, with the intention of inspiring never-before-smelt lifestyle prototypes.

The Aroma Shooter is a 6-chamber aroma emitter that completely abandons liquid media, which means no vapor, nor mist, nor steam. Based on Aromajoin's proprietary solid-state fragrance material, the device simply transports scented air on command, making it impossible for odors to linger or mix together unintentionally. The Aroma Shooter gives creative people the means to toggle discrete scents as smoothly as visual content on a screen.

Hackaroma will be a distributed hackathon, as participants build prototypes with their Aroma Shooters in their own homes. Participants will demo their projects over the Internet on June 15th, 2020, and be scored by a panel of judges. Possibly most exciting, Aromajoin will facilitate the live streaming of scent data to Hackaroma spectators who own second-generation Aroma Shooters.

Participants of Hackaroma are encouraged to build prototypes for any realworld application they prefer, so long as they wield the power of the Aroma Shooter. Some ideas include an aroma alarm clock, timed diffusion of relaxing scents at work, smell-o-vision, or even smell-enhanced virtual reality and gaming.

Eager applicants may apply here:

Applicants will be screened for the creativity and feasibility of their project ideas, and 6 entrants will be selected to borrow Aroma Shooter dev kits in order to turn their ideas into reality. Entrants will have until June 15th to show off their work to the world and to the judges. The first prize includes an Aroma Shooter kit, scent cartridges, and an Amazon eGift Card, a total approximate retail value of $2,300.

Please visit our website for more details:


  • Home-1st
  • $2300.0
  • * Aroma Shooter x 1 * Aroma Cartridges x 6 * Amazon eGift Card Approximate Retail Value: $2300

  • Home-2nd
  • $100.0
  • Amazon eGift Card $100

  • Home-3rd
  • $50.0
  • Amazon eGift Card $50



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