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Krys Freeman

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About this event

Hack City is a multi-part development competition demonstrating the impact of combining business and applied information technologies in order to develop solutions that are scalable and sustainable.


  • Home-1st
  • $3500.0
  • Awarded to the team that produces the best overall project and demonstration.

  • Home-2nd
  • $3000.0
  • Awarded to the team that best leverages Salesforce enterprise data for mobile implementation. Sponsored...

  • Home-3rd
  • $750.0
  • Awarded to the team that demonstrates the best use of one of our featured data sets (e.g. The Buildings Per...



  • Friday
  • Data Jam

  • Thursday
  • Schedule for the day is not published


Now in its 2nd Year, the Hack City SF Hackathon is on again! Join a curated mixture of hackers, civic disrupters, urban planners, and other citizens in a dynamic collaboration space. Compete fo...

Now in its 2nd Year, the Hack City SF Hackathon is on again!

Join a curated mixture of hackers, civic disrupters, urban planners, and other citizens in a dynamic collaboration space. Compete for not only for thousands of dollars in prizes, but also for a chance to pitch your solution at our start up competition during the VERGE SF conference October 14-17th.

Location: Code for America HQ 9th Street (at Natoma), San Francisco

Before the Event

Once you've gotten your ticket the next most important step is to register for an account here on

Once the event starts, the platform will allow you to register your project, connect with team-mates and will also be how organizers will organize your demo presentations and how judeges will tabulate their votes.

Additionally, the only way to submit a project for judging will be via, so make sure you've got your account ready to go.


There are three parts to the Hack City Hackathon:

- The Data Jam: where Civic leaders, entrepreneurs, NGOs and designers will come together in a facilitate braindstorm to think up new tools that will support SF Disaster Preparedness and Response.

- The Hacking: where participants hackers will build something awesome between 9:00am Saturday to 12:00pm Sunday.

- The Demoing: where the hacks will be demoed before judges, the media, other hackers and the public.

The Data Jam

"Innovation happens best when people from different disciplines collaborate." - It’s Not Just Nice to Share, It’s the Future

Radical efficiency is necessary both from the perspective of economic gains as well as ensuring a sustainable and future. The event will create tangible opportunities for technologists to apply their skills to advancing industries they may not come across in strictly technology spaces.

The Hacking

Hackers will build something awesome from either from scratch or from an existing open source code base. Participants may compete individually but are encouraged to work in teams.

Though you're short on time and the aim is to impress the judges and win some of the awesome prizes on offer, you're encouraged to make heavy use of APIs and resources (see the links on the left). We'll also have a series of API workshops on Saturday afternoon with experts on hand to answer your questions and keep you hacking, not scratching your head.

Each Hack will need to be registered on as a Project; you and your team-mates will also need to register as users on our platform (powered by

Creating (and later submitting) your project is the only way you'll be able to get to demo your hack (and win prizes and a free tickets to VERGE SF) on Sunday.

The Demoing

You'll have until 12:00pm on Sunday, September 22nd submit your project/hack. When you submit your hack, you'll be placed in a queue, given a number which is the order in which you'll present your hack.

At 1:00pm, presentations will begin in the main hall. You will bring your device onto the stage, and have 2 minutes to demo your hack. If you take longer than one minute, you will docked for points.

Three hacks will be selected by the judges for demoing during this year's VERGE Accelerate competition.

One hack will be awarded Best Hack of the event.

Each team that demos their Hack on stage on Sunday will be eligible for two tickets to the main VERGE SF conference, valued at almost $2000 each.